So this episode was important. Shinji was sad to find out that Rei appears to be dead, or gone forever. And he was sad about his father’s death, too, though I’m not exactly sure why that would make him sad… but anyway. As usual, he whined a lot until someone (or something) made him realize that whining doesn’t solve anything.

And so it was time for Operation Yashima! Unfortunately, with Rei elsewhere, it had to be just Shinji and Unit 01. Also, I’m not really sure why but Ramiel was shooting swarms of bugs instead of giant lasers. But yeah. When the time came, they realized they had forgotten the positron rifle. Or, more specifically, they forgot to make one in the first place. Man, NERV is really incompetent this time around.

So yeah, things were looking pretty bad. Ramiel was going around killing stuff, they forgot the positron rifle, and people were dying before poor Shinji’s eyes. Now, what do you do in a situation like this?

Trace… on!

Suddenly, Shinji’s emotional breakdown is interrupted when he pulls a positron rifle out of nowhere and just blows everything up. Unit 01 stops him before he can kill Ramiel, though. Someone unplugged something somehwere down the line. But it’s alright, because Ramiel has been reduced to a puddle of shapes. We can clean that up later, since it’s not like he can kill anyone in that state.

But as Shinji and Unit 01 left… a sound was heard. It was almost like a laugh, but more than anything else it sounded like it was from some bad alien horror movie. It was… the sound of Ramiel. No, not high-pitched screaming. What do you think this is, Rebuild? Obviously I’m talking about the sound he always makes. But anyway, the point is, we haven’t seen the last of him.