These two are why, apparently. I’ve been following the anime adaptation of Tatakau Shisho, as should be obvious from my posts which SEEEEM to be ridiculing it. I mean. Let’s face it. The first two episodes are horrible, and the third episode is incredibly lacking in quality (not to be mistaken with QUALITY, of which it has an abundance). But the rest is pretty awesome.

So we have a few problems here. The first problem is that the basic summary of this story is, quite frankly, boring. Apparently many people are turned off by the whole “librarianz omg!!1” thing too (let’s just give them the benefit of the doubt here, I mean obviously anyone who watched one episode would know it didn’t have to be librarians and nothing would have actually changed). So basically, they’re judging, uh, the “book” by its cover. Except it’s not even the cover.

That brings me to the second problem. Everyone’s ignoring how awesome the art is! I will freely admit that the only reason I took any interest in this series was because of the little picture on Chartfag’s lovely chart. And then I looked up more information on it and found that the art for the light novels was also wonderful. So yeah, I kept an eye out for info because of that, and when the trailer showed up I was certain it was going to be interesting. Good music, good visuals (as long as you didn’t notice that the grass was CG) and it seemed like it would have some awesome fight scenes.

Now, obviously since the only thing anyone ever looked at was Hamyuts’ ridiculous breasts which clearly don’t fit in her unbottoned shirt, they assumed this was some other type of show. Despite the fact that a lot of the people who assumed that were probably the same people who complain about fanservice and moe killing anime yet watch the same crap they complain about.

Of course, the third problem is that the first two episodes kind of suck. Not going to bother going into detail on that since I think it’s fairly obvious to anyone with a decent sense of taste. So, on to the fourth problem. The real problem, which I guess will prevent this show from ever grabbing even a small niche of fans for any reasonable length of time.

Supposedly, the character that “made” the show for 90% of the people who actually bothered to watch past those first two episodes was Colio Tonies. And I will tell you right now that he’s the flattest and most boring character in the show. Period. So once that arc ended (with his death, and no I don’t care that it’s a spoiler, it’s pretty much irrelevant despite how spoilerific it sounds) a lot of people were like “wow so they kill of the only thing that makes this show worth watching!” I really wish I understood the appeal. Honestly. But even some lame article on ANN said the same thing, and we all know how popular Rei is despite being nothing more than a marionette that talks every now and then to defend the reputation of her master (although in her defense she has far more depth than Colio could ever hope to have).

I don’t know. I just don’t understand the appeal in this type of character. And then after that arc ended there was a single episode that separated his arc from the next, and everyone… assumes there’s never going to be another interesting character ever again for who knows what reason. And then th eones that do bother to keep watching do, in fact, find another character to like. This time in Enlike (totally supposed to be Enrique, I don’t trust Crunchyroll’s lies), who is, in my opinion, definitely one of the flatter characters. Thank goodness he’s not THE flattest though, right?

TL;DR: I find this show’s fanbase stupid but I love the show. Rant over.