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So these four pictured shows are what IIIIII liked the most from the year 2010. Since I’m me, I probably don’t care if you disagree since I’ve convinced myself that I’m awesome. At least for the few minutes I spend writing each blog post. Having an anime blog is great.

For those who did not watch any of these shows and/or simply can’t figure out what that last one is even though they’ve seen Katanagatari, the shows are: The Tatami Galaxy, Omae Umasou da na, Shiki, and Katanagatari. I didn’t plan on posting this so half the pictures jammed in there weren’t mine. Next year I’ll have the best pictures ever. Unless everything sucks, but it already doesn’t. More on that later.

I guess I should say something about each (also best OP and ED are at the end of this). The Tatami Galaxy is a show I have a difficult time talking about. Of course, it’s loldeep, so that’s where I get stuck even if it is significantly less obtuse than most shows of that type (aka it is awesome). Basically, uh, it was entertaining. And something people who watch anime are probably able to sympathize with. I mean it’s basically the main guy failing at life while trying to find super secrets to succeeding. Because those totally exist. He also has this pesky habit of blaming all his failures and flaws on some dude he picked up off the street. Being a very self-hating person, I can’t sympathize with that aspect of him. But I’m sure many other people can, even if they don’t yet realize it. Also, art style. Masaaki Yuasa. Get to it!

Omae Umasou da na is a show you did not watch. Why didn’t you do it? Oh right, because you’re biased against children’s shows. And things that look like children’s shows. Like Kaiba. But we’re not talking about Kaiba, because this is actually a show for kids. But it’s so cuuuute! How can you not watch this stuff?! And that last story in it is so heartwarming I could kill myself. Actually, I found other stuff in other shows much more heartwarming but this was clever in addition to being heartwarming. Never seen that before. And this is only 20 short episodes long, and yes, subbed. You have no excuse not to be watching it right now.

And then there’s Shiki. I feel like I will have a hard time talking about this. So basically this is a story about vampires and “humans are the real evulz!” except awesomely done. At least for the first half. Man episode 4 was great who was in charge of the animation on that? it was a badass whoever it was. But then in the second half I’m pretty sure they outsourced everything to random Asians from other countries who didn’t actually care too much about the show or art consistency, except for Megumi’s gradually expanding breasts. I mean, it was still good, just not visually and the show lost something special once the story stopped being mysterious about everything (which was around the same time) anyway. A lot of people probably don’t like this type of story or find it cliche. I liked it. Did I mention 90% of the vampires are as filled with assholery as they should be? And that the music was good and well-used etc? Good. Then my job here is done.

Katanagatari was a show about talking heads. You know how popular those are these days. As for me, I’ve always liked them. Blab about stupid stuff for an entire episode and I will be satisfied as long as the character interaction was good and/or clever. which it was. Which is why I like Katanagatari. Plus, there are those cool moments where it’s all “Yeah, I don’t care how little sense this makes it is cool.” A lot of people liked the music too but I only noticed it in a handful of scenes. Also, unusual artstyle~! Though it’s pretty generic compared to some of the stuff I’ve watched. The point is, the show is blahblahblah and it doesn’t take itself seriously, except when it’s making you feel like a horrible human being like in episodes 3, 7, and part of the last episode. It also manages this transition way better than shows like Guren Lagan (no, you shut up there was never anything to indicate this random doubling of consonants you people jumped on) could have ever hoped to.

Anyway, those were my four favourite shows from 2010. Now let me show off my favourite opening and ending sequences. First, the opening.

Shiki’s first opening. This is badass, yo. Unlike many openings, this tries to really match the action of the video with the music. All the way to the end where the blood rain falling on the skull matches with that crazy instrument’s last few notes. The song itself is also pretty awesome. Haunting vocals to fit with the the horror show etc. Look, I can use adjectives now! It also did a good job of presenting all the characters (it even shows off Gackt, who you see for maybe two seconds before the opening sequence is changed) and even some kindatoobviousbutirrelevant foreshadowing. Overall it’s just very stylish and they did not choose Kuchidzuke just because they liked the song. It works well with the series and they made a video that works with the song. And the series. Shut up!

As for the best ending… I promise I’m not choosing these because I’m biased towards these shows, but The Tatami Galaxy’s wins. Depressing song to fit the failure of the episode (or the start of the last episode, which… well, you’ll understand why that’s cool/makes sense when you watch the show) with probably fitting lyrics. I mean, the song’s title has been translated as “As God Dictates.” So yeah. It’s also a good song and it sometimes matches with that crazy animation. Those doors scare me and combined with the music make me feel depressed that I’ll never be able to make sense of where each one goes and if it’s a mistake or not to open them. Plus, they keep shutting right after opening. I don’t want to get smacked in the face because I hesitated for a few seconds too long…

And that’s all I’ve got. Enjoy, you imaginary readers, you.