So, Madoka Magica. Probably the show I was most hyped for out of all the shows of its season. I absolutely loved the first three episodes. They were weird, had imaginative fight scenes (well, I guess) and were pretty Shaft. The character designs are also really good… But near the end of episode 4, problems started, and after that they just never stopped. There are some (not very detailed) spoilers in this, so don’t read if you don’t want to know.

Half of this series is about Sayaka and how she changes after becoming a Puella Magi, and what happens to her in the end. I think this was supposed to be sad or something we should care about, but I found it extremely hard to since I never found Sayaka to be a remotely likeable character. Even if I did, I’m sure I’d be annoyed anyway because this whole plot point was dragged out way too long. And once it was finally over, I was “rewarded” with an episode that was overhyped to the max. Episode 10.

Episode 10 basically revealed the true plot of the series, and it was something people had already guessed from the very first episode. I don’t mind that though. What it revealed was about Homura, and without getting into spoilers, it was something that should have been extremely sad, something that should have made me instantly love this show. But the problem was that having all that past jammed into this one episode made everything seem so unrealistic. And I know that sounds hilarious since this is a magical girl show we’re talking about, but seriously.

Homura was, in the past, your typical shy, clumsy glasses girl. Obviously different from how she is portrayed in the present. Episode 10 didn’t give me any reason to believe that her change took more than two seconds, however. This is a big problem. The entire episode, combining the rushing of it, the sudden personality change, the actual subject matter, and this show’s constant problems with personalities shifting every episode (which was multiplied into personalities shifting every minute) made for an episode that really just felt like someone’s bad fanfiction.

If that episode had succeeded, maybe I would have been able to enjoy episode 11 more. But even then, it wouldn’t matter because the ending is still stupid. Based on what happened in the ending, Madoka made an imperfect choice (when she had all the power to make the perfect choice)… the only difference between the imperfect and the perfect choice is that in the imperfect choice, Madoka gets to make people feel bad for her. Wow. Okay. Thanks for the free drama I didn’t actually want it to be honest. Furthermore, the ending falls into a rather unfortunate trap involving time paradoxes. I love time travel stories, but I’m going to be honest here. If you can’t work your way around the paradox and you’re not doing it for humor, don’t do it at all.

It’s also a massive deus ex machina. Those aren’t usually exciting. And I’m going to spoil just a teensy bit here. It throws out something called Demons, which are basically just manifestations of everyone’s bad feelings etc. Yeah that’s nice and all but if such a thing were possible in this world they would have existed before. I mean, unless they actually expect us to believe that everyone was happy before. It’s a stupid contradicting point made only so they can be all “AND THE FIGHT CONTINUES.” Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I knew it would be difficult to give a satisfying end to this anime, but this was just stupid. You know you’e doing it wrong if even I can think of multiple ways ot make it better and make more sense. I am not a very smart person. This show could have been pretty awesome if it had a better ending, far less Sayaka, and if episode 10 had somehow been extended. And if, you know, they actually bothered to stick to a single personality for the characters instead of giving them all three to randomly switch between on a whim.

This show is horribly overrated and people will praise it as being great forever. I am sad.