After weeks of everyone complaining about how boring this show is, it finally gave them the middle finger. Well, I mean, it already had in Episode 6 by violently killing off the most hated characters (and referencing Evangelion but everything’s an Eva reference to me if I look hard enough), but this was something else. I do believe our number of characters has been reduced to a single digit after this episode. The first half was just ten minutes filled with ridiculous violence and Saya pretty much breaking down.

Plus I mean come on! This is probably the first time I’ve seen a show actually have to censor the death of a creature that didn’t look anywhere near human. The C in the title stands for Censored. With that obvious joke out of the way I can now purge it from my mind and continue this train of throught anyway. There was a guy in this episode who walked into a censor (not to be confused with a censor bar; I’m not a fan of “a guy walked into a bar” jokes) and died because of it. This stuff’s dangerous, bro. Never trust censors, even if they look child-safe and friendly. They killed my parents.