I’m more than a little late on posting my thoughts from watching the first episode since I’ve seen 30-something now, but it must be posted eventually, so…

Here I was trying out what’s apparently the best Precure series (I don’t know why really. I just tried Suite Precure on a whim a little while ago and it’s kind of addicting for its music and transformations even though the show itself is zzz). I had to pause. And then go back to rewatch the entire first scene again. It was pretty Casshern Sins. I went and checked on the staff. According to MAL, which is of course always extremely lacking in the staff sections, two or three people who worked on the character design and animation in Casshern Sins worked on this. Seal of approval earned, even if it doesn’t have the director to give it that final special touch.

There is more to like than just that, though. This show is all about funny faces and I love funny faces. Furthermore, the main character is kind of a loser. And her sidekick is an obnoxious teasing jerk. I think that’s amazing and entertaining. It sure beats Suite Precure’s undefinedgenericpersonality main duo… who argue over everything and don’t trust each other at all yet are supposed to be best friends? Yeah sure.

Anyway. The only thing I could really think to dislike about this from just the first episode was the transformation’s rather low quantity of awesome. Big deal. Oh, and I guess the music wasn’t very noticeable. Darn. But come on. Casshern Sins.

And in other news I don’t like Blood-C anymore. Expect to hear more on that in October.