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Usagi Drop

So November is over and it’s Friday. I am back. Hooray! And I come with gifts! I’ve made a reviews index page because I realized that it’s going to get really annoying to navigate my anime reviews some day. This will make it infinitely convenient.

As for how I did in NaNoWriMo… well, pretty great for a while. I wrote 10k on the first day and my average word count per day was 3500ish for most of the month. And then I stopped writing when I got to 40k because real life is depressing and more important than what is at its core a simple self-imposed challenge that I gain nothing from. Granted, what I was depressed about was along the lines of “what do I gain from living in society instead of dying or becoming a crazy mountain woman who lives in caves”… But let’s not talk about that. The point is, I am satisfied with the quality of what I did write and because I did not spend the entire month writing I ended up watching more anime. So let’s talk about how the anime I am watching this season are faring.

It’s probably the fact that this is an ordinary school setting that I find myself having a hard time finding things to say about it. I’m not as impressed with it as I was from the first few episodes. I actually almost feel as though they tricked me regarding Chihaya’s personality as an adult. She hasn’t grown at all, she’s not as depressed as she appeared; she’s exactly the same as she was when she was a kid. Karuta is growing on me a little, though, and I imagine my interest in this will be refueled when this “recruitment arc” is finished.

I was right, it seems, when I told myself that the first episode would be the only boring one and that it would be awesome. I know some people in the anime community are not as thrilled with it, but I mean… it’s not like I think this is great just because it has fabulous production values. That certainly hasn’t helped my opinion of Guilty Crown, after all. It’s very wordy, even in the fighting scenes — this is true but it adds a more intellectual level to the fights. Fate/Zero has the two types of fighting scenes I can enjoy merged into one. The first being well choreographed fight scenes that I can actually follow regardless of their speed, and the second being fight scenes where you’re brought into the thought processes of the characters and maybe they will use clever strategies. I am a fan of these even if other people are not. Plus, it’s hard not to love Rider and Waver. Best characters this season. True story.

Guilty Crown
I was disappointed from the first episode with this one. The only things it has going for it are the visuals (which are not 100% good in my book, either… I am not a fan of how shiny everyone’s hair is and why does Shu have a design more generic than even his generic classmates) and the music. The characters are bland, and no matter how much people try to tell me they’re like Evangelion’s I just cannot see it… aside from Inori being ridiculously boring (just like Rei!). The story is not exciting in any way and I guess the only interesting thing is what wacky shenanigans they will pull with Shu’s power next. Oh boy. I will admit that I actually found episode 7 genuinely good and genuinely enjoyable, though. I guess that means the problem is that it’s just trying to be too serious when the creators have no idea how to be serious. They seem to know how to be goofy, though, so I want them to go back to that and stick to that for the rest of the series. But it won’t happen.

Mawaru Penguindrum
Still as awesome as ever. I think it’s killing off that joking atmosphere though… this show is not as silly as it once was. That is okay, though, because like I said before even though I enjoy HEY MISTER PRESIDENT WATCH OUT more than should be humanly possible, it really was getting in the way of caring when the show gets srs and emotional.

Shinryaku!? Ika Musume
Nothing to say here. It is the first season, except the second season. Wow. This is like that time in German class when I learned that the German word for the color beige is beige. Yep.

Suite Precure
I don’t have much to say about this one either. I probably shouldn’t be watching it at all but I’m finding myself drawn in to the Pretty Cure franchise against my will. At least this one has finally begun moving its plot again instead of episode after episode of THINGS I DON’T CARE ABOUT ever since the third Precure finally joined. Too bad the plot’s not exciting.

Alright, this is a pretty mixed bag for me. I don’t care about the mysteries or the characters or what Inga is (although I will admit I do care a bit about why normal people are accepting someone with supermagical powers to make you answer questions truthfully without batting an eye). The mysteries are mostly poorly done, mostly because they mostly have been afforded only one episode which is not enough to properly develop them. But that’s okay, because I like finding out about this land of censorship they live in. The setting is where it’s at. Except as of the last two episodes I have no idea what’s going on anymore. Darn.

Aaand that’s all for now.