Hamyuts's Flat Fingers.

Dear Hamyuts,

Your fingers are very flat here. Some jerk didn’t slam that door over them, did they? Well, knowing you and the show you are from I am sure you simply neglected my sound advice to see a doctor regarding your severe QUALITY problem.

Your friend,

In other news I’m pretty sure the next anime season is going to be pretty awesome for me. Even ignoring things like Precure, Natsume Yuujinchou, and whatevermonogatari which I will look forward to because I am a fan of these things, there’s a lot out there that I think I’ll like. There’s Another which really just sounds very interesting and possibly creepy, there is Mouretsu Pirates (aka Miniskirt Space Pirates. You cannot not want to watch this with a title like that!), Symphogear which has a questionable concept but pretty fabulous art and interesting names behind it, and there is even a show about a spherical cat. Yes! Totally up my alley. Everyone else must also get excited about these shows. Especially the spherical cat one.