So I missed at least two Fridays. I started playing Dragon Shadow Spell and got really into it, so I kind of forgot about this for a while. But as it is nearly the new year and the new season and the next full moon, it was impossible for me to forget about it again. I was going to wait for February to post my end of the year award-type post since I did in February last year (and because that would allow me to include Suite Precure) but I’m kind of feeling like I’ll feel really left out if I don’t do it on like, January 1st. Plus, I’m pretty sure Suite Precure isn’t going to get amazing enough to get any sort of recognition from an end of the year post.

Well, whatever I choose to do, we can all rest easy now that The New Paradigm has reported the good news of “An arrival area is the schedule.” I mean, this was the amazing news I was waiting for all year! Excuse me while I go celebrate this.