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No apologies for being late, and no apologies for the fact that I won’t be including ending or continuing shows in this post. Only new ones this time! Starting school and a job tomorrow and not being ready for either in any way kind of makes you lazy when it comes to other stuff. But hey, new shows are always the most interesting. Because they’re new!

Rinne no Lagrange
FLOWER DECLARATION OF YOUR HEART. I like that subtitle. So, this actually used some camera techniques that made everything look not as flat and boring as most anime. My hope is that it’s not trying to trick me into watching further episodes like Highschool of the Dead did (AKA it better keep using these or I’ll feel cheated). I do appreciate the ridiculousness of this show a lot, though. The protagonist, Madoka, is a big help with that. I also like her crazy alien friend. The music sounded like it might be pretty cool at times, too. I’m not so sure about any other aspect of this show, but it gave me plenty to enjoy so I’ll definitely be giving this more episodes. And probably a repeat of the first episode because the quality of the pre-airing was really rather terrible. HELLO!

Natsume Yuujinchou Shi
Natsume Yuujinchou is Natsume Yuujinchou, like always. Except not! Bad things were happening right from the start instead of the typical first episode material for this series. Everyone’s fine in the end, as usual, but… If the Matoba clan is already playing a big role this early in the season, I’m sure they’ll be causing a good deal of trouble. I eagerly await this and wonder if they will perhaps give that “shi” part of the title a double meaning. They won’t. But it sure would be cool if they did right?!

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki
I don’t really remember much from the first episode other than being incredibly indecisive on who I thought was voicing that awesome cat. All of my guesses were wrong as none of them were Ikue Ootani. And I felt extremely dumb after finding that out because right after this aired I guess it was Pokemon Hour or something, so of course there was Pikachu everywhere making fun of me for not realizing Poyo’s voice actress… Anyway, I do remember it being cute but I can’t really say much about it at this point. Needs more for more words.

Moretsu Pirates
Again, I can’t really say much about this at this point. That was very much an introductory episode. But promise is there for sure. Hoping for some epic space fightan, but not going to expect it as what little we saw of ships in this episode wasn’t very epic looking.

I’m a little shocked that Crunchyroll licenced this. Just had to get that out of the way. Anyway, I greatly enjoyed how this started out as it was just about everything I loved about Bakemonogatari. Not as much of a fan of the rest of the episode, but there’s pretty much no way this won’t have plenty of talking heads to amuse me as it goes on.

There’s something about this show that makes me think of trainwrecks, or trainwrecks in the making. Can’t put my finger on it. In any case, I sure do like that singing and what little I could hear of that background music. Plus the Aoi Yuuki. I was a huge fan of her long before everyone who watched Madoka Magica realized she was awesome. Also, don’t believe any comparisons of this to Madoka Magica. People are just forgetting that Madoka Magica doesn’t own and did not pioneer certain story elements which happen to be the only similarity this has with it thus far. Anyway, I’m most interested in this out of the new shows that have aired so far… but I’m still cautious. It’s that trainwrecky feeling I was getting. Here’s hoping there are no trainwrecks… because I live only ten feet away from train tracks and no doubt the debris from such a wreck would break my window. True story.

The only shows I’m waiting on now are Another and Smile Precure. I guess I’m overall a little disappointed with this season’s new shows, but for the most part it seems like they’re just taking their time. And I think that’s fine, it just means they won’t start with a bang.