Why, yes, Hibiki, there IS something wrong with your face!

I think this year could be really good for me. I mean I’m already watching quite a bit this season, and then for next season… There’s Saint Seiya Omega which I will watch because I play sequels to video games before playing the first way more often than I should (and I have seen some Saint Seiya anyway) and I need more Umakoshi in my life. Everyone needs more Umakoshi in their life.

There’s also the rest of Fate/Zero. There’s the Noitamina shows, which I’ve already been excited for in a post so I’ll keep it to a minimum here. There’s Medaka Box, which was apparently written by Nisio Isin who I probably like but I’m not really expecting much from it. And a bunch of things that I’ll try just because I heard they might be really good, like Uchuu Kyoudai. I also might care about that second season of Kore wa Zombie desu ka because I saw the first episode recently and am in awe that nobody ever told me there was an anime where they fight ridiculous sea creatures.