Don’t look too closely at the hands in this picture. They’re kind of creepy. Especially Miyuki’s since it appears her right index and middle finger could be used to slice up vegetables. I have yet again updated my “WHAT IS THIS” page, this time because Princess Tutu is amazing and silly me never considered the thought that people might want to contact me more privately than in my comments. So there’s an email there now.

I’ve also been entered into the 2012 Aniblog Tourney which I know very little about but from reading around it looks like a cool idea to get exposure for tiny unknown blogs. I am somewhat excited to be sending this cow up for the slaughter. Because I am morbid like that and I know everyone will be watching. Yes.

One last thing. As Tales of Graces f came out in North America on Tuesday, I feel it necessary to dedicate two sentences to it, including this one. You gamer types better be playing it! That is all.