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Cure Blossom and Cure... Marin

It doesn’t have to make sense, it’s beautiful!

Let’s face it. Winter season was great. And Spring’s probably going to be pretty great too, or at least close to whatever “pretty great” actually is. So let’s talk about all of that. Or at least the part of “that” that I paid/am going to pay attention to. … it’s going to be longer than usual.

Shows that are ending!

Suite Precure
One thing I’ve learned in this time of catching up on eight years of Precure shows and movies is that they’re very good at finales. Suite Precure is no exception. Despite all of my disappointments, in those last few episodes I was in awe at the Precure team just pulling out their attacks without the usual stock footage, and in rapid succession. The villain also made me sad even though I probably shouldn’t have cared. Sometimes it’s okay to be affected by shows for little girls in a way that only a little girl should be.

Guilty Crown
Did anyone on staff for this show (other than Sawano Hiroyuki of course) know what they were doing? Sometimes I wonder. Parts of Guilty Crown that were not dumb: the first few minutes of episode 1, all of episode 7, and the part in the last episode where there was ballet dancing for no reason. Actually that last one was probably stupid too but I liked it because Princess Tutu made ballet dancing cool.

I don’t remember what I complained about the last time I posted about Chihayafuru, but I’m pretty sure it was wrong. That or I just don’t care anymore because it is too awesome to be dragged down by something like that. This show made me wish the Heartcatch Precure karuta set was not sold out everywhere. Because then I would buy it and pretend karuta is as cool as this show makes it look. Come on, second season! We need you! We’ll die without you! We really will!

Rinne no Lagrange
I did not expect what I got. But that’s a good thing, because what I got was so hilarious. Maybe my sense of humor is dumb. Maybe watching anime with friends is a bad idea. I don’t know, but we were all dying. Well, until the ending of that last episode. Because then Madoka was like “bye bye!” and Lan was like “bye bye!” and they kept saying that and then suddenly Lan didn’t answer anymore. All signs of laughter were replaced by tears. Also, to make the image at the start of this post seem more relevant, one of my friends claimed that this show was basically The Powerpuff Girls.

Natsume Yuujinchou Shi
I have an idea! Let’s never talk about Natsume Yuujinchou again. Just because I’m tired of having nothing to say about it because nothing really changes. It’s always what it is, which is a thing I like.

Wow hey I like this dialogue and I like high budget Shaftenanigans. I like it so much I didn’t even realize that nothing actually happens. But this made me miss my brother and it’s not as good as Bakemonogatari so here’s some negativity stretched out to fit this single run-on sentence.

Well… at least the first and last episodes were cool. Unfortunately, of all the reasonable and amazing things I wished this show would do at various points during its airing, it did only two of them. I also said I would knife someone if they did a certain dumb cheapening thing in the ending. Which they did. Why can’t you just let people go out in a blaze of glory for once? Now I have to become a criminal. This show is good only for all the singing (YEAAAAH AWKWARD AOI YUUKI SINGING) and the few good fight scenes (which were mostly only in the first and last episode). And man, all that derp. Facederp AND plotderp.

I feel like everyone on the internet either loves this show with all their heart, or thinks it sucks big time at the whole atmosphere thing. Except for me. I don’t love it. I don’t think it failed to create the appropriate atmosphere. But I do think the story was pretty much ruined by its conclusion. And the whole MISAKI’S GOT A MAGICAL EYE thing. I want more ambiguity in my horror, so I can’t just say “the ghosts did it! Supernatural stuff exists!” That just cheapens everything.

Also the ending was dumb and doesn’t really resolve anything long term and I hate the fact that they could have solved everything with ~magic~ way earlier but didn’t even consider it until everyone goes insane for no apparent reason. I mean okay some people go crazy when they’re scared for their life. But almost everyone? Come on.

Thermae Romae
Who cares if the animation can barely even be called animation? This was hilarious! I want more of this in my Noitamina. And less Fractale/Guilty Crown. Please?

Shows that are continuing

Bodacious Space Pirates
What do I even say about this? It’s just entertaining. I also have not really noticed this slowness people complain about as it has been interesting the whole time to me. Also not nearly bodacious enough for this title, but I felt really awkward when I realized that “Mouretsu Space Pirates” was a half-translated title, and I think “uchuu” is among the silliest words on the planet. So there you go. Entertaining, good music, and one of the few Kana Hanazawa roles that doesn’t annoy me (seriously why does everyone want her to be hyper and dumb sounding all the time).

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki
This is not as amazing as I had hoped it would be (though it is still humorous, especially to me as I am a cat owner and IT’S ALL SO TRUE PLEASE STOP GROWLING EVERY TIME YOU HEAR A GUY TALKING OR A TRAIN). But as the owner of a blag called Spherical Cows and as one who knows nothing of physics, I feel compelled to overhype this. Best show in the universe right here.

Smile Precure
Funniest Precure ever or funniest Precure yet? I have a hard time accepting the fact that one day this show will try to be serious. How can it be serious when everyone has such goofy hair styles, Ika Musume is Pikachu, the dumb mascot character really is Pikachu, and we play rock paper scissors every episode during a transformation? Oh yeah, and all the fun that comes from them taking plot ideas from fairy tales. Best idea ever.

New shows!! and more exclamation points.

I don’t really know anything about Leiji Matsumoto. I don’t even know if that’s actually his name since I just pulled that out of a dusty part of my memory. My only experience with him is Queen Emeraldas, which I remember being honestly pretty boring but gorgeous (especially that opening! … at least when it wasn’t showing off bad CG spaceboats). So whatever. I watched the first episode of Ozma. Not seeing much to like here other than general “I like this art style.” And, well, okay, that captain woman is pretty cool. I watched the second episode of Ozma. YESSS SHIP FIGHTING AND ATSUKO TANAKA BEING AN AWESOME (as usual).

Yes please.

Saint Seiya Omega
Here’s the deal. Umakoshi makes everything better. Hikaru Midorikawa makes most things better (and the alternative with him is just “brattier” so it’s not really a big deal most of the time). I’ve also been told that the composer is Toshihiko Sahashi. That’s probably a good thing, not that I remember anything he’s done other than Big O. But Big O’s music was fab. With all of these things combined, it was pretty clear Captain Planet would be summ–nevermind it’s not funny anymore. It was pretty clear I was going to end up liking this. The first episode wasn’t as awesome as I had hoped, but these things I have listed did in fact make everything significantly better and more watchable. Looking forward to the possibility of things becoming awesome.

Uchuu Kyoudai/Space Bros
The first episode was pretty good, but it was a little shocking to see what the general impressions seemed to be. Everyone’s already in love with this… except for me. It wasn’t an amazing first episode in any particular way, except maybe for using visual effects most anime don’t even realize they’re allowed to use. But I am certainly interested enough to be trying more episodes. Just, whoa. Hold on to that hype guys. You’re gonna make people hate this show at this rate.

Folktales From Japan
All things considered, this show should be right up my alley. After all, I like cute things, things for kids, and folk tales. But I had a very hard time paying attention to it halfway through the second story presented in the first episode… and I don’t even remember what the third story was about. I even tried rewatching those parts between classes the next day, and I couldn’t pay any more attention than the first time watching them. I will try more episodes, but I guess this is just missing something special that it needs to make it stand out — something that will make me pay attention.

Kuromajo-san ga Touru!!
This is why people make fun of American English. Speakers of it would do what the main character did in this; summon Romi Park by accident. Wait, that’s a bad thing? Well, okay, it is I guess if the animation and art are very well below modern standards and it’s not very interesting anyway. And actually instead of summoning Romi Park you’re more likely to summon Rider. When you’re trying to summon the writer of Fate/Zero but you don’t know his name and you’re too lazy to look it up. … But again, is that really a bad thing? Anyway, I didn’t actually make it through the whole episode (with its whopping seven minutes) so I’m done with this.

Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine
Hold on, stop! First I didn’t know what I was watching. And then it was bleeding style, like if someone was shooting rainbow lasers from their eyes. I wasn’t ready! I also wasn’t ready for all the breasts but then again I will never be ready for breasts that look how these ones do. That’s just not for me, yo. But the rest of the show seemed about right. Will be watching more. It sure is great how Lupin III never cared about how many episodes I didn’t watch and still doesn’t.

Medaka Box
Well, it was probably a good thing that I didn’t get my hopes up for this. I expected nothing and that’s pretty much what I ended up getting since I won’t bother watching any more episodes unless people start talking about how awesome it gets or something. It was just boring for me. I liked Medaka’s voice actress, I guess? Yeah, I’ve got nothing else to say.

Shirokuma Cafe
Never did I imagine that Hiroshi Kamiya would fit so gloriously well as the voice of a penguin. It’s perfect! Also, that voice cast. They’re just a bunch of animals being dumb (or awesome in the case of Takahiro Sakurai and Hiroshi Kamiya, because… nevermind my favourites are always awesome to me) and we get all these big name, well-loved voice actors. I am okay with this. Will watch more.

Everything else
Fate/Zero tomorrow! Super excited but I’m sure I will have nothing to say about it so I will not delay this post just to include it. It’s like Natsume Yuujinchou. Once you’ve written one thing about it, you’ve kind of written everything about it because it is just solid. Other than that, all I’m waiting on is Noitamina. Sakamichi no Apollon and Tsuritama are getting me too excited for my own good. Well, not so much Tsuritama. That’s just normal excitement that won’t kill anyone. But Sakamichi no Apollon! How do I stop being so excited about it? Can’t wait!