Whose eyes are those eyes?

Here, have 100 eyes from 90 different shows (and a few movies even though I have so far hidden well the fact that my animemovie to anyotheranime ratio is about 1:2). The last ten are from shows that already had eyes earlier in the picture. Think of them as Bonus Eyes. Do yourself a favor and actually click on the image. You know, to view it at full size. It’s only 500×500. Not gonna kill anyone’s awful internet. And do me a favor and don’t mention how terriblequality some of them are. I don’t have access to half the shows I used for this, so I had to trust in Google to get me the best (which was usually awful).

I am sure some are impossibly easy to figure out, but I’m also confident that many are practically impossible. I mean, if you want to figure out whose eyes they all are… but if you do that you will surprise me because my intention is for you to just stare at all the different eyes; not be crazy enough to actually be able to identify more than a handful of them.

Enjoy this post, because I didn’t enjoy making it. In fact, I regret it with all my heart. But it had to be done. To honor the last words of those brave jet pilots in Fate/Zero episode 14. I’ll never forget you guys!