… of the Aniblog tourney.

I was going to use this image even if I lost.

I managed to win my first match in the second Aniblog Tourney. That was close and exciting, at least until the last 12 or so hours. In fact, all of the first matches were really close and exciting except for the one that doesn’t exist. Everyone clearly had a difficult time choosing who they liked most. I should note that the Spherical Cows vs Otaku Life poll had exactly 75 less votes than the poll with the next lowest amount of votes, so I guess people were having a particularly difficult time deciding between us. So difficult they didn’t decide. Ever. Obviously this means Otaku Life is a good blog and you should read it more even if it lost.

Now, the most important part of this post. To thank all those lovely people who voted for me, complimented my style/love for eyes, and commented. Especially thank the commenters, because my gift to you is something I had forgotten about until I read a certain comment. And here it is. What I think of all the people I just thanked. Now to resume my normal posting schedule until it’s time for my next epic battle.