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I understand why your mouth would deform itself in such a way, Girl From Oniisama E Whose Name I Do Not Recall. I understand. It happened to me, too, by the time Thursday was over. Here’s why.

• I have a shirt that has a bass clef trying to consume a cello on it. I wore this shirt.
• I listened to music while waiting for Noitamina to begin. I had it on shuffle, and a song called Russia Privjet came up. The artist of this song? Basshunter. The first word heard in the song? Bass.
• I watched Sakamichi no Apollon. In episode 2, they brought out the bass for some bassy fun. Cool. Couldn’t stay for Tsuritama as I had a bus to catch (I take the bus everywhere, and this will become relevant), but maybe that was for the better.
• When returning home from my university, there was a jazz group playing outside the Performing Arts building, which of course I walk right by. They were bassing it up there too. Doublebass. No, really. Double bass. Because that’s just what I call them.
• I got home, and after said jazz performance I decided I needed to practice a little myself since for once I felt like practicing at a time other than midnight. So I actually looked at sheet music (in bass clef) for the first time in months. Cool.
• I watched Sakamichi no Apollon subbed. I realized there was a bass clef in the first kanji in the logo in the opening. There was a bass clef on the “to be continued” screen too. Why am I so slow at realizing these things? I think the media has blinded me with its “treble clef only” policy.
• I watched Tsuritama. Here I was, hoping to not see a bass as there had been far too much of that word and the things it names for one day. But what do I see? “WHY DON’T YOU GO FOR SOME SEA BASS.” Come on. Why don’t you guys catch some walleye or something instead? Of all the fish, you just had to choose sea bass? And to make it worse, the main dude looks up sea bass (because who would actually say that in Japanese?) and when I see シーバス on his phone I make a connection I did not want to make.

Sea Bus. I will now think of the word bass every time I see a bus. I will never recover.