Glorious inventions I never use.

Aniblog Tourney voters, this is for you.

I once felt that I was undeserving of winning the second round of the Aniblog Tourney. I mean, even I read Anime Princess. But I’ve since learned that she cannot be trusted. Vote for me in the Aniblog Tourney and I’ll put an end to the reign of sloth-loving female bloggers (my round 1 opponent was one of these as well). I don’t like sloths. So make sure to vote for me, because sloths aren’t cool.

If you like sloths for some reason, I have many other things you must consider before you cast your precious vote. The first is that I am cool. Maybe Anime Princess is also cool, but is she cool enough to do this? I think not. I’ve also heard that people like this review I wrote. And hey, I can do serious, deep, nonsensical and unedited opiniony posts too.

I also urge you to consider the results from inputting Anime Princess into a trendy anagram solver. Let’s look at what it found. First, penis shows up a lot. I am unsure of what to think about that, so I will leave the thinking up to you. What else did I find? Iceman Snipers, Cinema Snipers, Amnesic Sniper, Anemic Sniper… I didn’t feel comfortable looking any further after that. You shouldn’t either. A cow will never assassinate you. You can trust Spherical Cows. I even played a song for you!

Disclaimers: Limitations of instrument are huge (doesn’t help that the F sharp sounds like drowning animals). Limitations of recording equipment are massive and cause epic fan noise. Limitations and awkwardness of player who plays no keyboard instruments despite owning a pretty cool keyboard are huge. Limitations of not having practiced or even made up my mind on how the song should go are somewhat large. But come on. This thing meows, and I played an anime song on it for you. Make the right choice.