And he says you did it! Tell me the truth. Did you chop off his index finger? Did you break all the bones in his thumb and curve it in such an unnatural way that it looks like a hook? Did you?! It’s too bad this was actually from a scene that was supposed to be serious and kind of a big deal… Just… Not with those injuries. He just got zapped a little. That’s all.

Note: This post is a side effect of guilt. That’s right, guilt. You people using Google need to stop finding this blog searching for Saint Seiya Omega. I mean it is one of my most common search terms, second only to “heartcatch precure review” (I guess we all know what this blag is really about). And this is like, the third time I’ve ever even mentioned the show here. And I’m still not writing anything substantial about it! Oh well, at least I’ve got a picture from it now.