And there’s your :] face.

Hiatus over. See? You didn’t even notice it! I have magical amazing tales to tell of my adventures in hiatuslandland (supremely exaggerated sentence). But I hope nobody cares about that so I’ll start this off with more blagological things.

First order of business. Judging by the lack of reaction to my latest Precure post, I can only assume that everyone stopped listening to Duran Duran once the 80s ended. And if there’s someone out there other than myself who does, it’s just “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Girls on Film” that they listen to. So I’m just gonna explain the joke. I put about 80% of the lyrics to “Union of the Snake” in that post. I’m so clever, right? Ha ha ha. Man, it sure got quiet here all of a sudden… Next: Here is a list of posts you can look forward to for the rest of June, assuming I don’t forget to do something:

  • I Venture Bravely into the World of Macross and I Have Opinions
  • Marie & Gali review (AKA attempt to make you watch it)
  • Whining/ranting (is there even a difference) about review ratings/rankings
  • AKB0048
  • … if I can make my notes make sense. If I can figure out how to write a post about it. After all, I watched the first three episodes muted, with my own music playing instead. It was… an interesting experience.

Now, for the nosy people.

Notable things that happened:

  • Nearly hit a deer while driving (somewhat normal actually)
  • Nearly hit a bald eagle while driving (not normal and probably would have gotten us into some sort of legal trouble had we actually hit the thing)
  • Watched Tsuritama at night on some docks over Rainy River. Awesome for five minutes, but then horrible because you see the docks a little ways away that have collapsed into the water and you are paranoid that your laptop might slip off of your lap into the river. Would not do again.
  • Went to the Lake of the Woods on my birthday, which was cold as ever despite it being 80 degrees. Nobody else was there so it was great. Except I got stung by something that was rude enough to also leave orange crap all over my arm. Good job, Nature. I hate you and wish you were never born too.

Moral of the story: don’t move to a college town from a big city type place. Especially if said college town has Black Hole Syndrome. Nobody there will leave, even if they whine about how much they hate it there and how much they want to go somewhere else. I know a girl who changed her major just because she couldn’t deal with a certain teacher who was central to said major… and she never did give me a good reason not to just move somewhere else. I know a guy who turned down his dream job because he didn’t want to move away. It’s impossible to not end up hating the people in places like these if you don’t end up converted.

Plus, there are no jobs anywhere ever. And the only two colleges there were basically useless for what I want to do and that was endlessly depressing (not to mention how much they screwed me over in my first year). So we have Hate + Frustration + Depression + Rage + discrimination against me and harassment against my mother. That means St. Cloud, MN Is Bad News. Don’t go there. And if you’re there, don’t stay there. The end.