Marie & Gali is awesome because it’s awesome. I checked it out because… the designs were done by Yoshihiko Umakoshi, who is awesome. Yeah. And like the last two series I’ve reviewed, I think it is a great anime. Normally I wouldn’t bother reviewing something like this as I have very little to say about it critically, but I want people to watch it. So here we are. It has only recently been subbed completely (okay not completely since there’s a whole unsubbed second season) by DATS and Wasurenai subs. Wow, I just linked to the fansubs. Better get downloading that.

Now that you are downloading Marie & Gali, you must watch Marie & Gali. Here is why, in the form of a Very Special Review.

I’m just gonna start by getting the boring stuff out of the way. The show is a daunting 40 episodes, but that’s way less daunting when I tell you that its total runtime is only like three and a half hours. Five minute episodes are glorious. Marie & Gali has music, but nobody cares and you’ll be laughing too much to notice anything other than the opening and Love Coil (a song that is randomly sung about twice in the series).

The animation is all playful and not afraid to comedically deform the characters or give them silly faces at random. Definitely a great thing. The characters are awesome. But not awesome in a “Oh, I sympathize so much with this person they make sense they have depth to them I want to write essays about their behaviour” way. Awesome in a “Did they seriously make Newton say that?” way.

Yes. That is Marie & Gali’s version of Newton. That famous guy who, contrary to what appears to be popular belief, did not invent gravity. See, since this is a science show for little Japanese girls who don’t get along well with science, they decided it would be best if they have a little Japanese girl who doesn’t get along well with science get trapped in a town where all these famous dead scientists are hanging out, doing sciencey things. They also play Kick the Can. With science.

I think the point is to be educational as well as entertaining. And it’s really funny because they mirror real life in their attempts. They sing a song and find out that said song enabled Marika (previously mentioned trapped, science-hating little Japanese girl) to remember a sciencey thing. Fleming’s left hand rule, yo! So they were going to sing more songs, but… Marika doesn’t like hip hop and that’s all John Fleming is into in this anime. And they couldn’t make a visual kei band because Gali(leo Galilei) can’t play guitar. But they think of other things. All of which are true to the real world.

Did I learn anything? Uh… A little? I was usually too distracted by stuff like this to care much about all the science.

So yeah. Oh, but now I’ve memorized F = ma (フルーツはまっかなアップル), without having any idea what it’s actually for. But they had such a glorious joke with that and apples that there’s no way I’ll ever forget it. Newton is the best. And he’s not the only one! Hertz is the king of kings, Edison’s a lovable brat, and I don’t even know what’s up with the rest of them. But you will love them. They are the best. They are the hilarious. More reasons to love this show:

  • It has a lot of turtles.
  • In fact, it has a lot of herps in general. Multiple episodes of herp swarms.
  • It has giant robots.
  • … and robot herps, sometimes giant.
  • The derp is of course at the level that will get you off your rocker, whatever that means.
  • There are kind lightbulb gentlemen.
  • There are puns.
  • There’s an episode where Pluto is Pissed and Madame Curie Pretty much Punches it out like a Pretty Cure.


Oh right, about the science and all these famous scientists. If you don’t know about this stuff, it’s really cool to learn about it. I learned a lot of dumb little things I never even questioned before and I learned things I should have learned in school but didn’t due to the fact that the school system here completely failed me in every way.

But when it came to the stuff I did know, it was hilarious. I knew what they were talking about, and I knew why certain characters were always at the throats of certain other characters, and… it’s just great, man. No matter what you do or don’t know about science, it’s just so hilarious. If you have any trust in my taste, you have to watch this show! And if you like it, spread the word!

tl;dr You will watch Marie & Gali because it is the best anime, now and forever.