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Summer is great because I get to fill my posts with rage, negativity, and apathy because everything is terrible and I think there must be such a thing as reverse seasonal affective disorder. Too much heat, too much sun, and too much humidity? Yep, all new anime confirmed to be terrible. We should go back to the glorious golden days of anime where we had to watch Guilty Crown and Black Rock Shooter every week. Wait…

As usual, since this is not one of those popular season preview type posts, I’m only going to post about stuff that caught my eye. First episodes only despite being late enough for more, because I’m just totally not into anime right now.

Jumping is good for you when I write such long posts: shows that are ending, shows that are continuing, and shows that are beginning.

Amazing Shows That Are, Very Sadly, Over

Bodacious Space Pirates
Well, pretty much what I said last time. It’s just enjoyable (and honestly I’d have to say the only parts of the series that seemed boring were the ones involving the “ghost ship”). Plus, the last few episodes had cool spaceship fighting, so it gets bonus points.

Fate/Zero 2nd Season
I’m calling it second season because it calls itself second season and because I don’t see the point in the distinction between “second season” and “split cour” (and can we please stop pretending “cour” is a word).

Fate/zero was great, though overall disappointing compared to the first season. The sudden flashback episodes were not cool, regardless of their quality. They came out of nowhere and… basically didn’t change anything. It also kind of lost itself in the last two episodes, even going so far as to have ridiculous faces with mouths drawn open far too wide. Just like Fate/stay Night! It’s funny that I’m so disappointed in the last two episodes when so many people were like “last two episodes? Man we watched the true final episode weeks ago. RIDERRR!” And I kept thinking “You guys are gonna miss out on some awesome fightan!” But then I was the one who missed out. Sad Sandra.

Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine
Yeah, I know. Tits, Zenigata not being Zenigata, Oscar being an obnoxiously annoying character, not enough typical Lupin III hijinks. I don’t care. The Lupin III series I saw had just as many breasts, just as much obnoxiousness (except it was Lupin instead of Oscar), and was boring specifically because all it was was boring Lupin III hijinks. It’s too bad that Zenigata’s totally not Zenigata, but on the other hand all of the other main characters are way better.

Overall it was just really good, pretty noir in some parts (yes! come on anime, do this more so I don’t have to keep dealing with the bad sound of 1940s movies… even though I pretty much still have to if I want that delicious Robert Mitchum + Jane Greer + film noir combination), and the story did actually stop itself before it got too serious. That final revelation of Fujiko’s past? That was gold. This was awesome.

Mysterious Girlfriend X
One of the best high school romance-type shows that will ever exist. … But still, high school romances are not really my thing, so I was rather bored for the last half of the show. But that first half? That was awesome. Then again I am apparently unusual to not find the saliva exchange gross. I guess that turned a lot of people off from this. Oh well, their loss!

By the way. There’s nothing “bad” about Tsubaki’s possessiveness in episode 9. I’ve seen two people complain about it and if I see another I’ll probably expand this into a rantpost of its own. The typical monoamoric (… is that even a word) relationship is crazy possessive. Don’t even try to deny it. You think that because your girlfriend is your girlfriend, you own her lips, her breasts, and her love; and only she and you are permitted to touch/see/receive them. Don’t be a hypocrite. If you want to be bothered by anything in MGX, let it be about Tsubaki apparently being “incapable” of stopping himself from doing things like embracing Urabe or pinning her to the floor.

This ended so long ago I don’t even remember what to say about it. I enjoyed it whenever it was ship battles or the Atsuko Tanaka captain lady being awesome and I remember being annoyed by the plot. Especially near the end. Why can’t people think harder about this if they’re planning on having some sort of world-changing transcendental plot? This stuff ruins so much SciFi for me.

Sakamichi no Apollon
After all the negativity once this ended, I was almost afraid to watch the last episode. But I guess that wasn’t what people were upset about, because the last episode was fine. Especially the end of it. In fact, the end of it was incredibly fine. Or just incredible. It must have been the show overall that disappointed them. And I agree.

Not enough music, pacing felt kind of messy, and too much relationship drama. I can get behind relationship drama if I can get why people care about people. Except I don’t know why anyone cares about Yurika or Ritsuko. They didn’t show me. Not that they’re unlikeable, but where is the chemistry? This would be better as a BL show or something. Kaoru x Sentarou forever, and all that. And I’m not even into BL!

Tsuritama! I will miss you! Maybe you weren’t the best show in the universe and your plot was very simplistic, but you’ve got charm just bleeding out everywhere. All those pretty colours and backgrounds! Your amazing ability to make me smile (I smile at this more than Smile Precure)! And I just love the setting because water is great.

Space Bros
What’s that? It’s still going for 40-something episodes? Yeah, I don’t really care. It’s over for me. I spent 11 episodes not caring about a boring story of a man who starts out in a troublesome spot but magically manages to get out of it and succeed at every part of attaining his original dream job by pure chance. Every time. It feels like he’s never getting ahead by his own merits ever. It’s all too safe, happy, lucky, feel-moon for me. I quit.

Silly Shows That Are Continuing (except SSO, that’s not silly)

Polar Bear Cave
The only thing it has going for it for me is Takahiro Sakurai and the amazingly cast HIROSHI KAMIYA AS A PENGUIN. But I can only handle so much of Things That Aren’t Hiroshi Kamiya Being a Penguin before I get to the point where the knowledge of a new episode actually makes me a little sad. Since this is continuing, I… I really just have to take a break. Strange, I’m not emitting any negativity about this show.

Smile Precure
Episode 21 ended at that awkward moment I was afraid of. That moment where the show would actually become serious. I don’t know if I can handle this. Not for Smile Precure. It should have been stupid bumbling adventures of these silly girls for the entire series! Oh, what will I do, what will I do. Worry worry worry. Whine whine whine.

Saint Seiya Omega
This has definitely gotten better since the first episode. Especially with awesome episodes like 3 and 10 (hint: it’s because Rie Matsumoto is an awesome). And, though I know the relative focus and strength of the female characters is there solely to attempt to draw in more of the female fanbase, I can’t lie. I’m a fan of having female characters that aren’t worthless. There were only three female characters in the original series that fought, and they were pretty much weak and worthless anyway. But SSO seems determined to make its female characters complete badasses. Uh, anyway. Umakoshi makes everything better, don’t watch this for the story, watch it for the fightan and awesome designs and all that.

There’s also Poyopoyo which is awesome as usual, but man, what do you expect me to say about it?

Currently Unexciting New Shows

Gave up halfway through the first episode. This barely has any non-CG animation in it, and the CG animation is awful primarily because it has an awful framerate. It just looks bad. Why can’t people take a hint from the fact that everyone loves Toei’s glorious CG Precure dances and 1. make good models 2. with good animation 3. with a decent framerate. And I don’t really see any purpose in the story, either, unless it plans on becoming more than just SWORDFIGHTING IS COOL YEAAAAAAH LET’S GET IN ON A WAR SO WE DON’T HAVE TO BE SERVANTS SWORDFIGHTING SWORDFIGHTING SWORDFIGHTING. Unless your swordfighting is awesome (it’s not) I don’t want a show that’s only about swordfighting. Bye bye, Kingdom.

Tari Tari
An anime about music and musician drama. Sounds like my kind of thing. For some reason I greatly enjoy shows like this because they like to crush all my hopes and dreams by being too close to my experiences in real life. Why would I want to bring this on myself? I don’t know. Also, I hate the art style. Just throwing that out there. And something about spending tons of money to make sure the most menial tasks are well animated makes me think I might end up severely disappointed in this. My logic, man. It just doesn’t make sense.

La storia della Arcana Famiglia
I actually thought the first episode was okay. Not bad. I like the Hiroyuki Yoshino guy, because he’s the Hiroyuki Yoshino guy. He’s always fun. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure the story is going to be stupid. And I hate Mamiko Noto. Nothing wrong with her, I just hate her voice. Do I really want to listen to her as much as I’ll have to if she’s the main character? I also have zero faith in the director, Chiaki Kon, who is also the director of the legendary Umineko anime daptation. Yeah. I’ll give it a few more episodes though. Just keep that CG car away from my eyes.

Humanity Has Declined
I tried watching this for only one reason. I watched GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class solely because the manga was by Satoko Kiyudzuki, who I’m familiar with because of one of my favourite video game development companies: Sting. I’m also familiar with Sunaho Tobe (who was one of the original character designers for this) because of the same company. So I guess I owed it a try. Do I want to watch more? Uh, I don’t know. It was pretty hilariously depressing when it wasn’t being boring, but it was boring an awful lot. I just don’t know if I can say no to a show with suicidal bread.

Chouyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Utakoi
Utakoi is actually pretty good. Nothing amazing, but definitely worth checking out. You don’t get a show with a concept like this very often anyway, and I actually liked Genji Monogatari Sennenki. Unlike the rest of you who didn’t even watch it! Utakoi takes itself less seriously than that anyway, which is actually a good thing. I would also like to note that the music in this is the best of the new Summer shows. The best! Oh, was that Yasunori Mitsuda I just saw in the credits? Gee, maybe that’s why.

Moyashimon Returns
Backstory: I saw Moyashimon years ago, before it become popular for everyone to suddenly watch it last month. I have a Moyashimon phone strap (which I’ve had for two years). Out of all the anime phone straps I could have chosen, I chose a Moyashimon phone strap. I would present photographic evidence of this phone strap if my camera wasn’t broken and if it was possible to take a picture of your phone with your phone. Anyway, I obviously I had to watch this.

WAIT WHOA WHAT’S WITH THIS STYLE I DON’T RECOGNIZE SOME OF THESE CHARACTERS. Especially that main dude and Oikawa (who looks so wrong I don’t even remember who she was supposed to be half the time). Whoaaa. Style change is crazy and unwelcome, but whatever. Moyashimon continues to be Moyashimon.

Natsuyuki Lan Debut
Oh, what? Still no Rinne no Lagrange? Alright, fine. Natsuyuki Rendezvous. I will keep watching it, because I like that main dude. I uh, don’t really have much else to say. Can’t say I get why he’s into the flower shop owner, though. She’s so… bland? Empty? I don’t even know what the right word is. They better fix that soon.

Sword Art Online
I lied, this has the best music of the season. It’s got some really good visuals, too. But I have to get a few things out of the way. First, I thought Accel World was kind of dumb. Second, I hate the idea of shows about MMOs unless you’re going to try to do interesting things with it, like .hack//SIGN did. Third, I really really hate the “IF YOU DIE IN THE GAME YOU DIE FO REALZ” concept. So basically, I hate the story of this already and doubt I’ll start liking it any time soon. I’ll keep watching though, if nothing else then for those visuals and that music.

Kokoro Connect
I hate this art style. Why am I watching two shows with this art style when I hate it? I don’t even know. And to think, I usually don’t even give shows with this art style a chance. Must be all that “none of these shows are making me wish for next week” going around. This was entertaining enough, so like most of the other shows I’ve mentioned I’ll be giving it more episodes, but I’m still not totally sold.

Waiting on Rinne no Lagrange second season and Robin With His 100 Friends second season now. Will Rinne no Lagrange still be awesome? Probably. Will Robin make 100 friends this time instead of losing them all near the end like in the first season? We’ll see.