[Doremi].Smile.Precure!.31.[1280x720].[C9618BCB]_Sep 28, 2012 1.53.49 PM [Doremi].Smile.Precure!.46.[1280x720].[E5AA2792]_Jan 30, 2013 1.06.05 AM

In the first screenshot, well, that’s just plain crazy. Your thumb wouldn’t be on the inside when your palms are out! The second screenshot is somewhat deceptive because her left hand is totally normal. But I question if the things her right thumb is doing are possible for healthy people. It might be a little late to be asking this since Smile Precure is over now, and all, but… do any of you readers happen to know a good specialist in Märchenland who would have any idea how to help her? … Does Märchenland even have specialists? If they had specialists, surely they would have already noticed their queen’s affliction and helped her…