[CureCom] Fresh Pretty Cure! - 44 [HD][24BB7A3B]_Mar 18, 2012 9.00.37 PM

This is a screenshot from episode 44 of Fresh Precure, demonstrating some rather noticeable symptoms that have come to be known collectively in the anime-viewing community as “QUALITY.” Just that. It doesn’t stand for anything, but don’t forget to hold shift whenever you type it. That’s important.

Anyway, I came up with this hypothesis that this was the result of the episode number including two instances of the number four (4). We all know that this is a very unlucky number in east Asian cultures. One might assume that with more fours it would become worse. In other words, it’s not likely to be a big problem aside from shows that have 44 or more episodes. But I called up my good friend Gai Kurasawa, a famous private eye in these Chinese girl cartoon parts. He did some digging for me, and discovered something dreadful and shocking.

Saint Seiya Omega - 04 [720p]_Apr 25, 2012 10.16.53 PM

This deeply concerning screenshot is from episode 4 of Saint Seiya Omega. It looks like it’s worse if 4 is in its purest form. I think Toei might be up to something. Something rotten. Something like bioterrorism. Genocide.

You get the point. Now it’s time to take action. We may not like it, but we’re gonna have to work together to save all the Cures and Saints from this epidemic.