Tytania is that 2008 anime that you watched a few episodes of but dropped because it was mostly boring. But wait! Anime Directed By Noboru Ishiguro Can’t Possibly Be This Boring!

Well, Tytania is sort of that boring. But it doesn’t totally disprove that statement or anything, either.

Tytania’s music is pretty alright. And by pretty alright I mean it’s actually quite good, but frequently used in an incredibly underwhelming way. Hiroshi Takaki’s compositions, while good, are frequently either absent from scenes or just very quiet. It kind of started to feel like Tytania only actually had two tracks other than the opening and ending themes, because there were pretty much only two that were used with enough frequency and/or effect to actually be remembered. It’s kind of disappointing.

I really like Tytania’s character designs. I mean, gosh, isn’t this just the cutest family ever? The character designs were originally done by Haruhi Mikimoto, and adapted for this anime (with some characters receiving pretty significant changes to their original appearance) by Noboru Sugimitsu. Locales look about how I’d expect them to in the context of the story but are not presented in a particularly interesting or noteworthy way. I guess the spaceship designs are probably fine, but they don’t really show up all that often anyway.

Speaking of the ships, this is a 2008 anime so they are of course rendered in 3D. But don’t worry! This is good 3D! I promise! Everything looks nice. Except this one part in the first episode where they very awkwardly switch to 2D animation for part of an explosion. That was messed up. I sure am glad that didn’t happen again. The explosions weird me out a little too, though, to be honest. I keep feeling like there’s this pink tint to them and then I look too closely and start to think it’s all clay.

The animation is very not special. It’s a talking heads anime, and while it does have some more actiony scenes that don’t even involve the spaceships (in fact there are probably more without them than there are with them) there’s never any really outstanding animation or anything. But it’s also totally fine. Animation is just not really something you’re going to notice in Tytania either way. I guess there are all those off-model faces, but I recognize that many people think of this as a bad thing rather than a good thing so I will pretend to be very neutral about their existence.

Anyway, back to the thing I was talking about at the very beginning of this review. You dropped Tytania because it was mostly boring. I didn’t drop it, but remembered it as being mostly boring. In fact, the only reason I ever considered rewatching it (which is what had to happen before I could write this review) was that I kept getting reminded of it while watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes. That’s a good anime to compare Tytania to.

Wait, stop, don’t set me on fire yet. Tytania is basically what would happen if Legend of the Galactic Heroes ended after the first 26 episodes and only had maybe two interesting concepts to explore/things to say. It starts off really slow and not giving you any particular reason to care about what’s going on and before it fixes this you’ve already left.

Maybe if the Tytania dudes had anything interesting to discuss to justify the amount of screen time they eat up, especially early on, this wouldn’t have happened. But, well, they didn’t. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about here, I’m saying that Tytania is extremely boring for far longer than its mere 26 episodes can justify. … and also second season where.

I really do think it gets better. The question is if it’s even worth waiting for it, though, because it ended at a pretty unsatisfying place in the story and the chance of it getting a second season probably truly is 0% at this point. The answer depends on if you’re cool with just enjoying the journey or if you’re the sort of person who needs a nice clean resolution to follow that journey.

For what it’s worth, I became pretty attached to some of the characters in this and I enjoyed the story and all the silly plans the characters come up with to accomplish their goals in it (because no matter how unrealistic and ridiculous they may be, Tytania is good at selling the ideas which is very important because one of them is literally a get rich quick scheme). It just took a really long time, and then suddenly it was over. Some aspects of the story felt like they needed more time to be believable or worth inclusion, and others with characters who seemed quite minor were given copious amounts of time. This feels very strange, because Tytania is not over 100 episodes long.

I should probably try to summarize all of that. Tytania is boring for a long time but then it’s good and then it’s over. Should you watch it? If you’re cool with the ending resolving only a tiny portion of the story and if you’re patient, sure. Otherwise you really shouldn’t bother.

I also feel it may be worth noting that I wrote this in my notes: “My favourite part of this, aside from that period of time around episodes 8-23 when I really liked Tytania, was when it was over and I looked all these sceenshots of off-model faces I took.” In the next paragraph, I wrote “The best part of Tytania is when Idris’s face is off-model.” That’s Sandra priorities for you. Here’s your reward for reading/scrolling past all of that text.

[-__-'] Tytania - 05 [BD 1920x1080 x264 AAC 2ch] [A6FC4E4A]_Aug 27, 2013 10.20.48 PM

tl;dr SECOND SEASON WHERE (also read the second to last paragraph before the above screenshot).