This sums up my reaction to what I’ve sampled of this season’s new shows pretty well. A facial expression of slight disappointment and doubt, and generally unamused. But you know, since it’s a platypus, eventually you realize it’s hilarious.

Reversing the order I usually do these posts in because new things are probably more immediately of interest to people. But if you’re grumpy you can always jump around:
New series
Continuing series
Ending series

New Series

Space Dandy
I guess most people have mixed feelings about this after seeing the first episode, but I’m all in. Stupid and terrible puns, the narrator’s general flippancy, that adorable robot, and pretty much everything about the second half. I thought it was all great. I’m also really interested to see where it’ll go from here, since supposedly the creative team’s aiming to make each episode really different.

Definitely not shaping up to be the greatest anime ever, but I did enjoy the first episode a lot. I think the idea of a failure of a god who’s too poor and unknown to have a shrine amuses me more than it perhaps should, but hey. If you don’t find it as amusing as I do that’s your loss. My only fear is that it might try to go all serious on me, and I’ve got this feeling that it won’t do well if it tries too hard.

Nobunaga the Fool
By some horrific twist of fate, this is the second most serious anime I’ve watched of the new season. That’s right, the anime where Jeanne d’Arc and Leonardo da Vinci crash their spaceship pretty much right in front of Oda Nobunaga (who rides these bizarre flying squirrel dinosaurs like a motorcycle) so he takes Jeanne d’Arc out and hops into a giant robot with her. As the second most serious anime. I really have no idea what this anime is but I’m pretty sure it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. Definitely going to keep watching.

Tonari no Seki-kun
I really like the ending sequence in this even if it doesn’t actually match up with the music. As for the show itself, it was alright. It just didn’t really catch my attention enough to spend the whopping 7 minutes watching it. I mean come on I could be messing with dominos myself during that time instead of watching someone else do it.

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta/too many different translated names
I was really disappointed with this, actually. Not because of any expectations I had from watching The Princess and the Pilot, but because the characters have been a pretty huge turn-off considering it’s only the first episode. The main guy just gets mad at everything, and don’t get me started on the girl he meets (whose name I can’t even remember). Her behavior at the start was so exaggerated and baffling, even if I pretend she has some major anxiety issues, that it was just obnoxious. I’ll watch for a few more episodes, but I feel like at this point I’m probably just in it for the planes. Who knows, maybe the characters will click more with me later on.

This was alright. Sometimes the humor worked, other times it missed the mark. Part of me wants to say “yeah I’ll totally give another episode a try” but the fact is that it didn’t really stand out enough for me to want to. History has shown I’m far too lazy for that and usually end up lying when I say I’ll try more episodes of a series like this. If I couldn’t even manage it for GJ-bu I highly doubt D-Frag! has a chance.

Wooser 2nd season

Hozuki no Reitetsu
Best new series of the season. Don’t doubt me; you know deep in your heart that I’m right. While I found the first half of the first episode plenty amusing, what really sold me was the more subdued second half, where they spend an inordinate amount of time talking about animals. There’s some kind of magic going on here, that that sort of conversation was able to make me smile that much. Those goldfish flowers are really bizarre, too… or maybe creepy is the right word.

Continuing Series

DokiDoki Precure
DokiDoki Precure makes me sad because it started out so strong, but every single time it tried to add anything to the plot or character development it was done in the most careless and noncommittal way. What happened to Cure Sword being really upset and stubborn about things (seriously when the heck did she become best buds with Regina)? What happened to Rikka’s thing with Ira? Feels like these things existed for two episodes and then they forgot about it…

Saint Seiya Omega
I somehow managed to catch up with this after falling 20-something episodes behind. My first impression that it was more like the original series definitely turned out to be true. It’s so much like the original series that the main characters are now the main characters of the original series and pretty much nobody else does anything important. On the bright side, that means more Shun and Ikki screen time. Still not enough, though… I guess there’s always Titan. He’s kinda cool.

Samurai Flamenco
Each episode, Samurai Flamenco alienates half of its viewers. Isn’t it sad? But don’t worry, Samumenco! You still have me! Maybe episode 12 was a bit too lacking in evolution from 11 for me, but 11 was great and there’s no way this series is serious either way. Something’s gonna happen, and probably soon. Next episode doesn’t seem like an unlikely time, actually.

Ending Series

Monogatari 2nd Season
As great as some of these arcs were (especially the two involving Nadeko), this was really dragged down a lot by having totally boring arcs shoved in between all the great ones. And by totally boring arcs I mean they were definitely the worst episodes whatevermonogatari has given us. I also really wish I could just watch this series in peace without Hanekawa having a billion episodes. The only time Hanekawa was ever interesting was Nekomonogatari Black and even that was some sort of insane miracle.

Still, those arcs with Nadeko were really good…

Galilei Donna
It’s amazing how my enjoyment of this series went downhill at such a steady rate each episode. It started out alright, with a cool goldfish mech and some Hiroshi Kamiya pirate guy who got some sort of huge crush on a girl almost immediately after saying he has no interest in women. Then I started getting the same feeling that I get from those silly American adventure movies where normal people search for treasure or some other important thing and everything goes perfectly somehow. That is to say, a bit deflated at the realization that it is actually more mindless and shallow entertainment than 90% of the anime I’ve watched (ouch). And then a girl got a cold from falling off of a tall building and bonking her head on concrete when she landed because she landed on her head. And then it just got straight out bad. Boo.

While I appreciate Rie Matsumoto and the fact that this was more comprehensible than the other Kyousougiga projects, this was definitely disappointing to me. Granted, that’s disappointment from somewhat high expectations; I did still enjoy it a lot. I think I may be more unforgiving to this incarnation than the others because it made a lot more sense. Because of that, it felt like what didn’t make sense or was immediately obvious was deliberately obscured for absolutely no reason. And you know what? That sort of thing really bugs me. It always has, and probably always will.

Now bring on HappinessCharge Precure. I’m ready for Megumi Nakajima being in a magical girl anime for the first time since Macross Frontier.