The Weathering Continent

The Weathering Continent

The Weathering Continent (also known by its Japanese title, Kaze no Tairiku) is an anime adaptation of the novel series of the same name. Koichi Mashimo directed this hour-long movie from 1992, and man oh man do I love that eye shot on the lower right. Continue reading


Air Master

Air Master

Air Master is a 27-episode series from 2003 which was directed by Daisuke Nishio. I’m pretty sure I only watched it because I happened to see Yoshihiko Umakoshi’s name in a few places on a staff list for it. Anyway, Air Master is a fighting anime. You know. Kicking people, punching them in the face, oddly specific fighting styles, and being a gymnast. That sort of anime. Continue reading

No regular updates ever!

obligatory QUALITY

Nice feet.

With how I’ve been posting for the past few months, this post really doesn’t change anything. No reason to keep harboring illusions of posting something every week when I can just mention it in passing as I give you your usual dose of QUALITY screenshots, though, right? Long story short: I give up on posting every week. It doesn’t really work for me when I’m actually being productive in other areas of my life.

I’ll always end up thinking of something to say about anime as long as I’m watching anime. I just don’t want the self-imposed pressure of posting weekly right now. So see you the next time I decide to post, which might actually be next week anyway.

Salmon-chan Review


Salmon-chan is a six minute short that’s impossible to find any information on in English. It’s in that awkward group of anime that baffles me because it’s too obscure to be on sites like My Anime List or Anime News Network but not obscure enough to get subbed.

Am I going to fix this failure of sites that rely on user-submitted content to add Salmon-chan to them? Of course not. I’m too busy writing this review that could possibly take you as much time to read as it would to just watch the thing. Continue reading

A Defense of The Woman Called Fujiko Mine’s Ending


Here's where I insert that one screenshot you've seen everywhere from the first episode of Fujiko pointing a gun to the camera, still garbed in that ridiculous veil. Oh, wait.

Here’s where I insert that one screenshot you’ve seen everywhere from the first episode of Fujiko pointing a gun to the camera, still garbed in that ridiculous veil. Oh, wait.

I thought the ending of this series was pretty much the only appropriate way to go. I’ve seen enough people expressing an opinion that opposes mine that I felt compelled to write this post, so here we are. Defending the backstory of Fujiko presented by this new series.

There might be other, more timely posts on this subject. Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine did finish airing almost a year ago, after all. But were those other posts written by Sandra? I don’t think so! Spoilers abound, so don’t read further if you don’t want to see them. Continue reading

Arion Review


Arion is one of those old (from 1986, it seems), not terribly well known movies that still somehow managed to get subbed (though the only subs I was able to find certainly leave a lot to be desired, having something is typically better than having nothing). The miracle of the English-speaking anime fanbase.

And now I’m going to make it just a bit more well-known by reviewing it. Continue reading

Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective


Nightwalker is some sort of vampire detective anime. I’m not entirely sure when it first aired, and that whole situation’s probably a bit mucked up by the fact that the first few episodes were originally just a nice OVA to promote the game it was based off of, or something of that sort. Actually, that mucks up a lot of things. Yuck.

But you don’t care about muck, you were all over this the moment I said “vampire detective anime.” Admit it. But don’t go out and buy those DVDs yet! Any concept, no matter how great, can still become bad if you’re not careful. Did that happen to Nightwalker? Mysterious sentence urging you to read on to find out. Continue reading

Smile Precure: Letter to Akane


[Doremi].Smile.Precure!.40.[1280x720].[DCD1572A]_Dec 4, 2012 11.21.38 AM

Letters are a great source of Engrish in anime. This letter that was sent from a British exchange student to Akane is no exception. It’s even better since the guy’s supposed to be fluent in English. But sometimes, even in letters like this, you find hidden information that otherwise was not directly stated. In this one, it’s the very first sentence: “Thank you very much for everything you did to me when I was in Japan.”

Let that sink in for a minute.

What did you do to him that made him so happy, Akane? You’re too young! Don’t throw your life away for some attractive foreign guy!

The Good Episodes of Saint Seiya Omega


Saint Seiya Omega - 18 [720p]_Aug 29, 2012 1.08.28 PM

I promise they do exist. It’s just that to get to them, you need the patience of… wait for it… a kindergarten teacher. Assuming you have this patience (which I do not, making the fact that I watched 51 episodes a miracle), you’ll find that there are about eight pretty good episodes. Wow, eight entire episodes. Go figure, though, they all have certain things in common. It’s almost as if the staff actually knew how to make episodes entertaining and just decided not to bother!

Well, I’ll complain about Saint Seiya Omega later. This post used to be filled with lots of irrelevant thoughts about it, so I’ve decided to review it at some later date. But this post’s purpose is to shower praise onto the episodes that impressed me of those first 51 episodes, and to possibly shed some light onto what kind of checklist Toei should have been using if they cared about making every episode good (which they don’t). Obviously spoilers are within, but face it; you weren’t going to watch the show anyway, so it probably doesn’t matter. Continue reading