Macross’s Roots in Conspiracist Thought


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I know, you’re already confused by the title. But don’t worry! It will be okay. I’ll explain everything, and even give you some examples of where I think Macross took vital inspiration from conspiracy theorists. It will be done in a way that isn’t as brief or clear as it should be, because that’s just how I write. I’m also rusty because this blog has been dead for years. Brace yourselves.

There are spoilers for specific plot points of Macross Zero and Delta, so as long as you’ve seen those and have general knowledge of the franchise otherwise you should be good. Continue reading

CG in Anime (I’m still dead)


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Ah, CG in anime. This is not a controversial subject like dubs vs. subs. It’s kind of a nearly universal thing that anime fans hate. Obviously not everyone hates it, but you would be hard pressed to find someone willing to defend it. Over time I’ve started noticing some things about CG, and with a certain new CG anime already reaching a large number of anime fans, now seems like a good time to post some of the more prominent thoughts I’ve had swimming around in my head.

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Ten Years of Being Pretty and Curecure


Whatever that means.

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Welcome to Sandra’s post on ten years of Precure. What that entails is actually aimless and completely pointless ramblings about each series (no movies, sorry), hopefully with a focus on what I loved and liked in each series. Important warnings to take note of: this is long, and each section has SPOILERS for that series. And Doki Doki has spoilers for The Happy Prince but it’s not like you’re ever going to actually read it, so… so… :( Continue reading

Courage the Cowardly Dog vs. Anime

Look at all these moonrunes.

Look at all these moonrunes.

Definition of anime: Japanese animation. With that definition and the above screenshot, I posit that Courage the Cowardly Dog is an anime. The point of this post isn’t to argue this further, but if you want to argue against what I’ve just established as fact, I’ll go ahead and draw you a syntax tree or something. That’ll show you.

What I’m going to argue today is that Courage the Cowardly Dog is better than a lot of anime that a lot of people actually liked. And by a lot I mean actually just a handful because I thought and wrote this entire post up only four hours ago. Have fun. Continue reading

Best of 2013


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2013 is finally over, at least for any future timezone, real timezone, and any super cool but outdated timezone (also known as my timezone). It’s not over yet for the lame timezones though. For those in superior timezones who are no longer stuck in the past and are instead looking optimistically towards the future, let’s all sit down, have a toast (also eat toast), and think back on this past year.

Man, those sure were the days. Good times. Anime was also pretty great this year and anime will never be as great tomorrow as it was today. In fact, it was so great that I decided to write about the anime and opening/ending sequences that I thought were the best from 2013. I’ve never done this before, so bear with me. Continue reading

This Macross Frontier Guy is Totally Hiding Something


What is he hiding?!

Here I was, wondering what I was going to post this Friday as I have yet to prepare another review (too much Precure to watch, too many elementary schoolers demanding that I hug them after school gets out instead of going home). Knowing I had a folder full of amusing screenshots, I began my search and found this mysterious Macross Frontier screenshot. It’s actually not mysterious at all and I don’t remember who these people are because they weren’t important, but take a look at that security guy’s face. What’s he so happy about? It can’t be anything legal, that’s for sure.



There are a lot of mecha and space shows out there that nobody ever really hears about. A lot of the time, it’s because they’re not all that great or notable. Sometimes I think it was just an accident that nobody heard about them.

Sometimes, though, the first point is true and the anime in question also looks far too much like yet another harem/fanservice series but in fact contains little to none of this, attracting only a crowd that’s gonna be disappointed by where it decides to take its nearly all-female cast (it sure isn’t taking them to the shower or bed, that’s for sure). So even if it wasn’t all that great to begin with, nobody gave it a chance anyway.

Oh, I just spoiled my review. Continue reading



Tytania is that 2008 anime that you watched a few episodes of but dropped because it was mostly boring. But wait! Anime Directed By Noboru Ishiguro Can’t Possibly Be This Boring!

Well, Tytania is sort of that boring. But it doesn’t totally disprove that statement or anything, either. Continue reading